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The Underlying Energetic Causes of ADHD Symptoms


In Western medicine, ADHD symptoms are generally seen as the result of a physical problem originating in the brain. While this is a valid position, we can learn a lot by looking the issue from a different angle.

We are more than our physical body. In fact, at a subatomic level, all life is pure energy. Traditional medicine embraces this aspect of energy, while recognizing the impact of emotional and mental issues. The following articles shed light on ADHD at a deeper, energetic level to provide an incentive for making healthier lifestyle choices.


Does Yin Deficiency Cause ADHD Symptoms?


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ADHD is generally seen as a Yin deficiency. This article gives a sense of what Yin energy is, what happens when it’s deficient, and how it’s related to ADHD and its symptoms.


Why We Need to Connect to The Earth


Whether or not we’re aware of it, we are all influenced by the health, clarity and efficiency of our chakras. ADHD has often been connected with a Root Chakra imbalance. This is a brief description of basic lower chakra characteristics in the context of ADHD.


ADHD and Vata Imbalance


In Ayurvedic medicine (Traditional Hindu Medicine), ADHD is classified as a Vata imbalance. When Vata energy is aggravated, our nervous system becomes hypersensitive, resulting in many signs of ADHD. Discover the basic characteristics of Vata.


Healing the Root of the Problem


Eastern practice recommends acupuncture or healing herbs to relieve many of the problems associated with ADHD. These methods, however, typically offer only temporary relief. Lasting results are only achieved by addressing the root of the problem.

Balancing the overactive, impulsive energy associated with ADHD begins with the introduction of its opposite energy – the self-nurturing, peaceful and relaxed side of the energetic spectrum.

Many ADHD symptoms will decrease in intensity when we create a safe and stable living environment, supply our body with the right nutrients and create a healthy exercise routine.

People with ADHD need a good amount of structure & stability while still getting enough flexibility and room for play and relaxation. Creating such an environment takes time, but it makes life so much easier in the long run.

Get FREE Tips on How to Create a Life of Joy, Inner Peace and Success!

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