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Reduce ADHD Symptoms With Grounding Techniques


When ADHD symptoms start to overwhelm us, it’s probably time to get grounded – a barrage of thoughts and feelings can easily prevent us from getting things done. There are always days when we have taken ourselves to the limit. We may have been a little over-enthusiastic or taken on more then we could handle without stopping for a break. People with ADHD can also become bombarded with emotions, their balance destabilized by their tendency to take on other people’s energy.

When common ADHD symptoms like forgetfulness, impulsiveness or over-thinking become too frequent, the following suggestions can return you to a calmer state of mind. The basic idea is simple – release excess energy that has accumulated in your head by guiding it down and into the ground.


1. Hang Out With People That Lift Your Spirit

There’s no better method of getting out of your own head – and out of your own way – than hanging out with people that make you feel good. When you are getting lost in thought, engaging friends and family can bring your attention back to the here-and-now.

Remember that a casual chat can do wonders for the soul. If you find yourself over-thinking a particular problem, a friend can assess the situation and help change your perspective with an objective point of view. Social interaction helps us express our thoughts and create connections with others. Reaching out to others – whether it’s over the phone, on facebook or in real life – helps us check-in with our surroundings. These activities have a grounding effect.

Remember to be mindful of who you choose to hang out with. Energy is contagious. People with a negative energy can have a draining effect, so seek out those that have the natural ability to raise your vibration and cheer you up.


2. Revive Your Senses

Another way to reduce ADHD symptoms is to bring attention back to your senses. Retreat from your thoughts and let your energy sink back into your body. By indulging your senses with something fun or soothing, you can quickly stabilize the noise in your head. Try listening to your favorite music, watching a good film, taking a bath or getting a massage. All of these things can work wonders if you’re starting to feel scattered or disconnected.

Massage can be especially soothing for people with ADHD. If you don’t have time or can’t afford to get a massage, you can easily give yourself a quick foot massage. Massaging the feet with sesame or almond oil is particularly grounding and reconnects your energy to the earth.


3. Move the Lower Chakras

Many people have stagnant energy in their lower chakras, a condition that blocks their connection to the Earth. As a result, energy tends to accumulate in the upper chakras resulting in the generation of ADHD symptoms. Loosening up the lower chakras (located at the bottom of the spine and the pelvis) gets this stagnant energy moving again.

Any activity that moves the pelvis around will do – try taking an African dance class, take up belly dancing or just put some music on and shake your hips in the privacy of your living room. You’ll be surprised at how rooting the energy of the lower chakras and reconnecting to the earth can create a sense of comfort and calm.


4. Get in Touch With the Earth… Literally

Any activity that physically connects you to the Earth’s energy field has both a grounding and nurturing effect. Gardening, walking barefoot in the grass or just being in nature is an excellent remedy against ADHD symptoms.

If you want to rejuvenate the soul, go hug a tree! Silly as it may seem, physically connecting yourself to a tree brings you into direct contact with its deepest roots. Even though this may smack of ecological ‘new-age-ism’, don’t knock it till you try it!


5. Visualize Your Roots!

Visualization is a very powerful – and underestimated – tool capable of calming ADHD symptoms. Since energy follows thoughts, you can use simple visualizations to help guide the flow of energy within your body. I often use a basic visualization technique to help me get grounded:

  1. Find a quiet spot to relax for a few moments
  2. Sit or stand in a comfortable position
  3. Inhale then release any built-up tension through exhalation
  4. Imagine a calming energy entering the top of your head. Guide this energy down and through your body, all the way into your feet. Fill your entire body with this energy. Remember to make it your own
  5. At your feet, visualize your energy connecting to the earth. Imagine energy roots branching from the soles of your feet and seeping into the ground – think of it as a pipeline of energy that sinks deep into the earth and connects you to it’s nourishment

The best thing about this simple exercise is that it doesn’t require a lot of time. A 5 minutes exercise will do wonders, but a quick connect of 30 seconds will also help – just as long as you commit to unifying yourself with the ground beneath your feet. Over time you will actually start feeling the energy move through your body. Remember, even if you don’t feel it at first, the process of consciously bringing yourself into contact with the Earth will have an effect on your ability to focus and general sense of well-being.


6. Exercise & Stretch

Last but certainly not least, exercise is probably the most effective way to prevent ADHD symptoms from surfacing in the first place. Don’t worry… there’s no need to set up a rigid exercise program, just keep in mind that most people with ADHD should avoid extensive cardio-training because it tends to drain energy. Pick an exercise you enjoy and keep workouts short and vigorous. You can go for a quick bike ride, do 20 minutes of yoga or go rollerblading – even dancing in the living room will do the job, so get out those disco classics!

Finish your workout by taking time to stretch. This will slowly help bring your heart rate back to normal and get your lymph fluids moving. Believe it or not, over-thinking can actually drain energy from the spleen and make it stagnant.

Stretching helps your body expel toxins built up in your tissues and reinvigorates the spleen. Even if you don’t have time to exercise, consider doing some quick stretches. It’s the very minimum you can do for your system and its beneficial effects should not be underestimated.

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