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ADHD Symptoms in a Nutshell!


Below is a comprehensive list of ADHD Symptoms. Although many people occasionally experience these symptoms, people with ADHD experience them frequently enough to affect their quality of life. Difficulties arising from ADHD can influence people’s lives on all levels.

If you feel that your life has been characterized by several of the following symptoms, it’s advisable to read up about the condition and its many facets.

The listed symptoms apply to both the hyperactive and the inattentive type of ADHD. If you are one or the other, some of the statements may not apply to you. Most people, however, have the combined type. To learn more, check out the different types of ADHD.


A Basic List of ADHD Symptoms


Attention Problems

  • difficulty focusing and paying attention
  • making careless mistakes
  • forgetfulness about daily activities
  • problems prioritizing and organizing daily tasks
  • tendency to daydream
  • having trouble starting, finishing projects/tasks and following through
  • jumping from one activity to the next
  • “zoning out” without realizing it, even in the middle of a conversation
  • overlooking details, leading to errors or incomplete work
  • hyper focusing: zooming in and getting “lost” in a stimulating and rewarding activity, as if the world around you disappears
  • difficulty managing time
  • missing or forgetting appointments, tasks, deadlines
  • getting stuck in thoughts or having racing thoughts
  • constantly losing, misplacing or forgetting things (keys, wallet, phone, documents, bills)
  • feeling overwhelmed by certain tasks or objectives



  • difficulty sitting still
  • difficulty inhibiting certain behavior, poor self-control
  • interrupting others
  • having trouble behaving in a socially appropriate way
  • irritability or having frequent mood swings
  • having a short or explosive temper
  • getting bored easily
  • talking excessively
  • being over-emotinal



  • having a inner sense of restlessness (in children this translates into excessive running, climbing, inability to sit still, etc.)
  • being impatient
  • craving excitement, tendency to take risks
  • talking excessively


Other Side-effects Related To ADHD

Some ADHD symptoms are not actually caused by the condition itself but by its negative consequences. For example, having ADHD can, and often does, have an effect on self-esteem and can create chronic stress.

  • hypersensitivity to criticism
  • irritability or having mood swings
  • having addictive tendencies
  • having a sense of underachievement, low self-esteem
  • suffering from obsessive compulsive behavior (obsessive eating, cleaning, or repetitive actions)
  • feeling anxious and stressed
  • avoiding social situations
  • difficulty keeping a job or accepting authority
  • struggling with paperwork
  • having debt due to impulsive spending or neglecting paperwork
  • having difficulty maintaining healthy relationships
  • having communication difficulties with loved ones
  • being perceived as insensitive, irresponsible or reckless

Note: this list of ADHD symptoms should not be seen as constituting any type of diagnosis.

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