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ADHD Symptoms and Vata Imbalance!


From an Ayurvedic point of view, ADHD symptoms are related to a Vata imbalance – excess Vata exhausts the nervous system. Sadly, the majority of ADHD medications are designed to overstimulate the nervous system, exacerbating symptoms over time. So what is Vata?

Ayurveda describes it as one of the three principle doshas or bodily humors: vata, pitta and kappa. Each of these controls different elements of the body and their functioning. Vata, derived from the Sanskrit word for movement, governs all movement in the body, from nerve impulses to breathing. It is seen as the driving force behind all mental and physical processes.

When in balance, Vata gives us a sense of freedom and creativity while increasing feelings of compassion, love, and excitement. Vata is also responsible for our ability to reach higher levels of consciousness. An excess of Vata, however, causes anxiety, insecurity, hypersensitivity and fear.


Vata Characteristics and ADHD


Inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity are all typical Vata related ADHD symptoms.

People with too much Vata have difficulty relaxing. They get bored easily and feel a constant need for physical or mental stimulation. Consequently, a typical vata ‘type’ finds him/herself engaging in several projects simultaneously. Sometimes however, Vata types can become very disinterested or even lethargic. This usually happens when they don’t have a clear sense of purpose, when they feel lost or overwhelmed or when they are simply understimulated.

Vata types have an active imagination, are over-excitable and struggle to commit to a single goal. Their constant need for stimulation makes it difficult for them to follow through on their intentions. They are insightful and quick to grasp new concepts, but the speed of their thoughts can make it difficult for them to express themselves coherently. Other typical symptoms of a Vata imbalance are forgetfulness and impatience.


Finding Balance


Balancing Vata requires the introduction of daily structure and adequate down-time. Unfortunately, people with a Vata imbalance are naturally compelled to work erratic hours, frequently traveling while managing a constant stream of stimulating activities. They may also be drawn to drugs, alcohol and other stimulants, further aggravating the problem.

According to the Ayurvedic principle “like increases like.” Therefore, a lifestyle that aggravates Vata will only make difficulties persist. Regularity can help resolve the situation for someone whose ADHD symptoms have taken them to the brink. Although sticking to a routine can be a challenge for people with a Vata imbalance, it is often essential for them in attaining peace, balance and a sense of well-being.


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