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I’m Lizzy, the creator of Holistic Healing for ADHD. Almost a decade ago I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Because of my negative reaction to stimulant medications and predisposition towards natural healing, I discovered an alternative approach to handling the symptoms of ADHD.

A Little Bit About Me… and ADHD


I was born in Belgium, a charming country in Europe, famous for its delicious chocolate and waffles. As a child I was considered a dreamer. I had a very difficult time staying focused in the classroom, especially when the subject at hand held little appeal to me. At home, however, I was always very active and engaged. I loved sports, wrote poetry and had many other creative interests. Even though I exhibited typical ADHD symptoms, as long as I had a certain amount of structure in my life, I did relatively well. During my twenties, when I was slowly coming into adulthood – or at least trying to – I started hitting many of the typical obstacles related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. My heightened sensitivity often got me into trouble. I was also very emotional, forgetful and had a hard time finishing projects. The more I tried to fit into the system, the more difficult life seemed to become.

My heightened sensitivity often got me into trouble.

My Inquisitive Nature


Growing up I was always naturally interested in how to create a healthy and happy lifestyle. At that time, however, no one had even heard of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Therefore I had no idea what was going on or why I couldn’t seem to manage things that came easily to others. I was undeniably different and at a certain point I set out to discover what was really taking place within me.

It was never my original intention to explore what I was experiencing in such depth, but I quickly developed an appetite for knowledge. I spent the last 16 years exploring everything from psychology, meditation, anatomy, physiology, Eastern philosophy, mindfulness, yoga, Ayurveda all the way to quantum physics and energy healing with my research continuing to this day.

Over time I developed simple natural techniques to deal with all my ADHD symptoms, even though, during the first part of my journey – before my diagnoses – I was unaware of what I was up against.

My Diagnosis and Response
to ADHD Medication


On one hand, being diagnosed was a relief. My ‘difference’ was officially recognized and it had a name. I no longer had to feel ashamed. I knew what I had and I was not alone. It felt good to belong and find fellowship amongst other ADHD-ers. I was officially part of a charming group of distracted, tightly-wound creative souls. There was no offense in that and it felt good. On the other hand, the fact that I was almost immediately prescribed ADHD medication felt wrong.

Up to that point, I didn’t even take medication when I had an occasional headache. Now I was expected to experiment with drugs like Ritalin and Dextro-amphetamine. These were powerful stimulants with a composition similar – be it in minimal doses – to cocaine and speed.

Since I had always lived a healthy lifestyle, I noticed all the side effects of these drugs immediately. It made me sad to think that doctors were prescribing these chemicals to little children. Even as an adult, every molecule in my body was resisting. Although it’s not my intention to criticize the healthcare system, I feel the need to share my personal experiences in regards to this issue.

I found a new way of living by addressing my energy on a deeper level

Au Naturel 😉


I tried a few different types of medication and called it quits soon afterwards. When it came to prescription drugs, I quickly sensed that this was a dangerous path for me. I had plenty of natural tools to deal with the problem, so I simply stuck to what I was already doing. Only now, since I knew I had something called ADHD, I could really zoom in on the condition based on the information known about the disorder at the time. By combining and implementing all the things I had learned before and after my diagnosis, I discovered a new way of living based on techniques capable of reducing – and virtually eliminating – ADHD symptoms. Wanna know more? Go ahaead and sign up below!

Some Random Facts About Me


  • I’m left handed.
  • I was the singer of a relatively known Belgian band called Hooverphonic (under my Belgian, slightly challenging-to-pronounce, birth name: Liesje Sadonius).
  • My best childhood memories were spent in the beautiful countryside of the French Ardennes (in the south of Belgium), where my grandparents lived.
  • Several of my family members are also diagnosed with ADHD.
  • As a child – in the 80’s – I was obsessed with American movies and anything to do with USA. The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, Risky Business, Back to the Future, Top Gun, you name it, I watched it!
  • I cry easily. Romantic comedies, sappy commercials, Christmas cards. I don’t care. When I feel the love, it shows!
  • I love, love, love to dance. Seriously. Give me a beat and have to move!

Get FREE Tips on How to Create a Life of Joy, Inner Peace and Success!

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