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Alpha Brain Wave Basics



  • Creates a feeling of inner peace and relaxation
  • Increases overall functioning of the brain
  • Enhances creativity and thinking outside of the box
  • Reduces stress and anxiety while boosting the immune system
  • Facilitates emotional bonding


  • Excessive daydreaming
  • Loss of focus often due to under-stimulation
  • Excessive receptivity to suggestion, both positive and negative
  • Boredom and drowsiness


Relaxation and Creativity


Alpha brain wave activity ranges between the frequencies of 8 to 14 Hz. These brain waves are associated with states of peace and relaxation. Meditation and slow breathing exercises naturally increase the amount of alpha brain wave activity.

Whenever you are feeling relaxed and peaceful, your brain is experiencing an increase in alpha wave activity. This state of mind increases overall brain function while enhancing original thinking and creativity. This is why creative people tend to have more alpha brain activity than linear thinkers.

Consequently, being in this state of mind is quite beneficial for your health since it reduces stress and anxiety while boosting your immune system. It can therefore be said that experiencing high levels of alpha brain wave activity is soothing for both mind and body.

Since it is in a relaxed state, the body’s energy flows more naturally and the mind becomes more effective because it can better access intuition and creativity.

Difficulties that can arise from being in this alpha state are loss of focus and excessive daydreaming. The alpha state is also semi-hypnotic, making the subconscious mind more susceptible to suggestion. With alpha brain waves governing the ADHD brain, both negative and positive information becomes more easily absorbed.

Boredom and drowsiness may also be an issue for those experiencing an alpha mind state. On the bright side, people with higher amounts of these types of brain waves often have a vivid imaginations and easily experience surges of creativity.

For this reason ADHDers sometimes become disenchanted with their surroundings because to them, the ‘real world’ seems boring compared to the endless possibilities of the creative mind.

The personification of this brain wave state, would most likely be the Creative Child. Like an infant fascinated with everything it encounters, it explores its inner and outer world and sees endless possibilities wherever it turns.

Like an imaginative child, the ADHD brain constantly questions why the world is filled with limits and obstacles. When a child is subjected to structure and boundaries, it quickly feels restricted. It may become bored or even defiant. The alpha state generates a feeling of boundless creative freedom and joy where the limits of reality dissolve leaving no obstacles.

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Get FREE Tips on How to Create a Life of Joy, Inner Peace and Success!

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