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Beta Brain Wave Basics



  • Facilitates analytical, logical and linear thinking
  • Increases ability to focus on external reality
  • Creates a feeling of excitement, motivation and drive
  • Stimulates social interaction and communication


  • Feelings of tension and stress
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Over thinking and decreased mental clarity
  • Loss of focus, due to overextending the brains’ natural capacity
  • Impaired immune system


Linear and Logical Thinking


Beta brain wave activity ranges between the frequencies of 12 and 38 Hz. They are among the highest brainwave frequencies and are usually associated with activity in the brain’s left hemisphere. The benefits of these brain waves are that they facilitate analytical, logical and linear thinking.

They increase one’s ability to focus on external reality and help sustain motivation. In higher beta brain wave states, people are more socially outgoing and feel excited when communicating with others.

When experienced for too long, however, this state can make one feel tense, nervous and anxious. This often happens in Western culture, where people push themselves to maintain longer periods of concentration – working long hours and overloading themselves with responsibility. Over-taxing the brain by depriving it of adequate relaxation can cause chronic stress and ultimately lead to burn out.

Concentrating on activities that require linear, logical thinking may be especially taxing for the ADHD brain. People with ADHD have a natural brain wave state that lies within the alpha and theta range making them more intuitive, non-linear, right brain thinkers. They comprehend the ‘big picture’, but sequential task management doesn’t come naturally to them.

Forcing the ADHD brain into beta brain wave states for extended periods can have a negative effect; it creates anxiety, frustration and demotivation.

People with ADHD require certain lifestyle adjustments in order to accommodate their brain difference. This means they must take an alternate approach in managing linear tasks while allowing their brains adequate amounts of relaxation.

The personification of this Brain Wave activity type would be the Successful Entrepreneur. He has a busy schedule where it is common to be going from meeting to meeting, scouring business papers, writing mails, solving problems and constantly interacting with people.

When he doesn’t plan enough time for relaxation, he becomes tense, highly stressed and finds himself prone to burn-out. This doesn’t mean that people with ADHD can’t become successful entrepreneurs – there are many examples of ADHDers who have become leaders in business. These are usually people who have learned to embrace their differences and maximize their skills.

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Get FREE Tips on How to Create a Life of Joy, Inner Peace and Success!

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