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How Can Brainwave Entrainment Change Your Life?


Brainwave entrainment increases your brain’s efficiency. When your brain is more efficient, you are more efficient.

You can look at brainwave entrainment (BWE) like a form of ‘brain exercise’. Your brainwaves are guided into a pattern specifically aligned with the goal you’re trying to achieve. Because it works with audio tracks over headphones, you can easily ‘entrain your brain’ while working, relaxing, meditating, sleeping, etc. Here are some of the ways that BWE can change your life…


Become a Wicked Meditator


Many people struggle to set up a regular daily meditation practice. The thought of sitting still and ‘doing nothing’ seems pointless and dull, especially to people with ADHD. However, nothing is further from the truth.

When meditation is practiced regularly, it is has the potential to positively affect your life on many levels. People who meditate regularly are happier, period. And that’s no coincidence. Experiencing deeper levels of meditation on a regular basis decreases anxiety, increases focus and creates a general sense of wellbeing.

In this way, BWE can assist you in creating a regular meditation practice. It’s as simple as popping on your headphones and relaxing into a meditative, theta brainwave state. Even people who have never meditated before can effortlessly achieve an advanced theta meditation state within minutes.


Have Laser-Like Focus


Beta brainwaves dominate our waking state of consciousness. It’s a brainwave activity that is present when we are attentive, engaged in problem solving or focused mental activity.

Personally, whenever I’m writing or performing a mentally challenging task, I listen to beta waves. I find that this has a tremendous effect on my ability to focus. It’s easier to sort through information and I can concentrate for longer periods of time. I also get noticeably less frustrated when faced with challenges and unforeseen obstacles. I consider myself living proof that the daily use of BWE can dramatically improve cognitive ability.


Feel Grounded, Balanced and Relaxed


The more you use brainwave entrainment, the more evident the benefits become. You’ll gradually become more relaxed and centered throughout the day. You’ll find yourself responding mindfully to stressful situations rather than reacting impulsively.

You’ll find it easier to make important decisions and find productive solutions to problems. You’ll feel more connected to others. You’ll feel more present and aware. When you regularly experience deeper and more profound brainwave states, you’ll be capable of accessing deeper levels of wisdom. Intuitive insightfulness will become a regular occurrence.


Let Go of Yuckie Beliefs


We all have negative beliefs that keep us stuck. I’ve found that BWE makes it easier to reprogram your subconscious so you can let go of resentment or heal old emotional wounds. This can happen in two ways.

When listening to relaxing brainwaves like alpha, theta or delta you are tapping directly into the subconscious mind. This practice alone can help you spontaneously and effortlessly release emotional trauma. You can also repeat positive affirmations or a mantra while in this deeper meditative state to help recondition your subconscious. My yoga teacher used to say, “The meditative state is where deeper, permanent changes are made”. Since brainwave entrainment can really tap into my subconscious to eliminate negative beliefs, I use brainwave entrainment when I want to replace a negative belief for a positive one.


Raise Your Stress Threshold


Everyone has a limit to the amount of stress they can handle. Some people seem to thrive under the pressure while others crumble when faced with the smallest setback. The good news is that your stress threshold is not set in stone.

In fact, there are many ways you can raise it. This can be achieved by reversing negative thoughts, making time for relaxation, exercising, etc. Brainwave entrainment is another easy and efficient way to increase your capacity to handle stress. When I started to use brainwave entrainment, stress relief came naturally. Almost without noticing it, I realized I was able to handle difficult issues more easily. And I could deal with tough situations gracefully. As I engaged in brainwave entrainment, I found myself bouncing back faster after stressful events. Life just became easier the more I listened.

Other Benefits of brainwave entrainment
Deep physical and mental relaxation
A sense of inner peace
Better memory
Mood stabilization
Depression relief
Rejuvenation and joyfulness
Enhanced motivation
Increase the brain’s human growth hormone levels


Tips on How to Use Brainwave Entrainment

Get Meditating

  • Use it any time during meditations – morning, noon or night. Some tracks are 10, 20 or even 60 minutes.
  • Regardless of their length, know that you can stop at any time. If you’re not used to meditation, it’s best to build it up slowly.
  • Start with a simple 5 or 10 minute session and you’ll already begin to feel the benefits. Alpha, Theta and Delta waves are best for meditation.
  • Remember that you can just relax and listen or you practice a simple meditation technique like bringing your attention to the breath.
  • If you find your thoughts wandering, don’t become discouraged. Just breathe, relax and observe yourself without judgment. Also check out these meditation tips.
  • Be sure to allow a moment of pause after meditating before you jump back into action.


Take It Easy On The Beta Waves

  • When you need to focus on a mentally challenging task, use Beta waves.
  • Just be sure not to overdo it in the beginning.
  • Keep in mind that people with ADHD reportedly produce less Beta brainwaves. So when you listen to Beta waves you’re really giving your brain a work out.
  • Allow your brain time to adjust and create changes slowly and gradually. If you feel tense or uncomfortable in any way while listening, take a break.
  • I like to listen to beta waves while I work. I do this for around 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Then I take a break for about an hour or so. Over time I’ve noticed that I can listen longer (1.5 to 2 hrs.).
  • That said, I wouldn’t recommend listening longer than 2 hours without a break.


Use it to Block Out Distractions

Some types of Brainwave Entrainment don’t require headphones. You can play them in the background while reading or working (as I mentioned above). For people with ADHD, this can be very helpful to block audio distractions like traffic noises, clocks ticking, a refrigerator hum etc.


Choose the Appropriate Brainwaves

Make sure you pick a track suited to your goal. For example, don’t listen to Beta waves when you’re trying to go to sleep or Theta waves during physical activity.

A Short Brainwave Refresher
Delta: facilitates profound relaxation, meditation, increases intuitive insights or helps you sleep
Theta: facilitates meditation and deep relaxation
Alpha: enhances creative insights, effortless visualization and problem solving
Beta: increases focus


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