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What are the causes of ADHD?


There are still no definitive answers as to what causes ADHD, regardless of what some researchers claim. Numerous studies, however, have revealed a possible connection between heredity and the disorder. Children with ADHD have about 30% to 40% chance of having a parent with the condition.

Despite the extensive research being conducted, experts can still only speculate as to what really happens in people who exhibit ADHD symptoms. The following is a list of ADHD’s possible causes.


Speculative Causes of ADHD


Brain damage

Even though they are not thought to cause ADHD, head injuries can result in ADHD-like symptoms. The brain is a fragile organ – it plays a central role in everything we do. When the brain is injured, people can subsequently experience attention problems, impulsivity and many of the challenges connected with ADHD.


Toxic substances

During pregnancy, exposure of a fetus to alcohol or tobacco can have a negative effect on its brain tissue development. Although this may lead to developmental problems and learning difficulties in children, it has not been directly linked to ADHD.



There is no proven connection between parenting and ADHD. It goes without saying that parents with ADHD children may experience challenges because of their child’s disorder. It is a stretch, however, to conclude that parenting itself causes ADHD. What may aggravate the situation is the fact that parents with ADHD children often suffer from the disorder themselves. This may create a family environment where emotional and impulsive behavior is common.



There’s a lot of conflicting data surrounding this issue. Some sources claim that there is absolutely no connection between diet and ADHD. Other studies, however, show that ADHD symptoms can be reduced or even eliminated by making changes to one’s diet. Based on my personal experience, I am convinced that diet has a substantial effect on either aggravating
or reducing ADHD symptoms.


TV and Video Games

Some studies reveal no connection between TV, games and ADHD, while others show that children who watch 3 to 5 hours of TV daily are 50% more likely to be diagnosed with the disorder. Video games can have an even greater influence over children because of their addictive nature. Games appear to induce ADHD-like symptoms, the over stimulation of certain parts of the brain leading to both anxiety and compulsive behavior. That being said, gaming has an enormous educational potential – if practiced within a healthy and balanced framework.

Get FREE Tips on How to Create a Life of Joy, Inner Peace and Success!

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