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Keep Your Chakras Clean and Happy!


Many ADHD symptoms like distractibility, inattention or impulsivity can be attributed to a chakra imbalance. So what are chakras? Chakras (Sanskrit for “wheels”) are subtle energetic centers within the human body through which energy is exchanged.

Energy flows in and out of these centers through a process akin to (and closely connected with) breathing. As oxygen enters the lungs, it supplies the body with fresh, oxygen-rich blood; as it leaves, toxins are released. If the lungs are congested, our breathing becomes impaired and our whole system suffers as a consequence.

In the same way, energy is continuously exchanged via our chakras. If these energy centers are not ‘clean’, the energy can’t reach certain layers of the energy body. These blockages can cause physical, mental and emotional problems. Whether or not we are aware of it, we are all influenced by the health, clarity and efficiency of our chakras.


The Major Chakras

Although human beings possess many chakras, the largest and most important ones are located along the spine, surrounding the body’s major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands. The first chakra (root chakra), located at the bottom of the spine, is associated with the lowest frequency. As energy (aka Chi, Prana, Life Force) travels up the spine through the other energy wheels, its frequency increases.

Chakras are like energy conduits that are connected to one another and their corresponding vibrational planes – they are important channels through which energy is passed. Consequently, the clearer (unblocked) they are, the more efficiently cosmic energy can be put to use.


Chakras and Emotions: A Strong Connection

Every major chakra along the spine connects to its own, individual energy body and contains specific information related to that body. The energy bodies are like concentric, spherical layers surrounding us similar to the layers of an onion. The first layer is connected to the first chakra and is located closest to the physical body. The other energy bodies extend outward in sequential order, each one radiating further than the previous.

These major energy wheels and their respective energy bodies are in turn connected to several energy fields called the physical, astral, and spiritual planes. All these interconnected energy layers make up a sophisticated communication network designed to help us navigate life in a harmonious way. As we progress up the energetic ladder, each chakra increases in frequency and vibrates to produce a different color.

The universal energy “penetrates” human consciousness at the following energetic layers, from top to bottom:

1. The Spiritual Plane – Top 3 Chakras

Crown Chakra: Ketheric Causal Body – Mental Aspect    

Color: Violet
Gland: Pineal
Element: Cosmic Energy
Balanced: Boundlessness
Imbalanced: Grief

Third Eye: Celestial Body – Emotional Aspect    

Color: Indigo
Gland: Pituitary
Element: Cosmic Energy
Balanced: Intuition
Imbalanced: Confusion, Depression

Throat Chakra: Etheric Causal Body – Physical Aspect

Color: Bleu
Gland: Thyroid
Element: Ether
Balanced: Truth
Imbalanced: Denial, Abruptness

2. The Astral Plane – Bridge Heart Chakra: Astral Body

Color: Green/Pink
Gland: Thymus
Element: Air
Balanced: Compassion
Imbalanced: Fear, Attachment

3. The Physical Plane – Bottom 3 Chakras

Solar Plexus: Mental Body – Lower Mental Aspect

Color: Yellow
Gland: Pancreas, Spleen
Element: Fire
Balanced: Commitment
Imbalanced: Anger, Greed

Sacral Chakra: Emotional Body – Lower Emotional Aspect

Color: Orange
Gland: Ovaries, Testes
Element: Water
Balanced: Creativity
Imbalanced: Guilt, Passionate Manipulation

Root Chakra: Physical Body – Lower Etheric Aspect

Color: Red
Gland: Adrenal
Element: Earth
Balanced: Acceptance
Imbalanced: Resentment, Rigidity

Energy Blockages and Interference

As I’ve discussed in holistic healing 101, everything in our universe is made up of an interconnected field of consciousness. When we harmonize with this field, the universal energy can effortlessly penetrate all layers of our energy body. When we are in this state, we feel great because our “inner-antenna” is tuned into life’s natural flow.

As a result, we can clearly sense when we need to shift gear or change direction. We intuitively sense which people to associate with, which projects to engage in, which foods are good for us, when we need to rest or exercise and so forth. Our lives are influenced (constructed even) by our beliefs, habits and thought patterns.

Therefore, certain experiences (traumatic events, parental messages, dietary choices etc.) can lead us away from our center – the effect being that our progress is stalled by the creation of dense energy traces (blockages) in our system. Because of these obstructions, the universal energy is unable to reach all layers of our energy body efficiently. In other words, the dense energy creates interference.

“Every time we don’t follow our inner-guidance, we feel a loss of energy, a loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness” Shakti Gawain

Because of this, our “inner-antenna” is more likely to confuse signals and we lose touch with our intuition. This kind of energetic imbalance can be caused by many different factors and manifest in a variety of ways.

When our inner energetic barometer is poorly tuned, the resulting discord can interfere with healthy brain function, cause mental and emotional problems as well as many other issues associated with ADHD. Holistic healing can help us reconnect with our inner-voice so we can heal ourselves on a deeper, energetic level. Just remember, clean chakras are happy chakras :)

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