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Holistic Healing 101


Part 1: Introduction

Holistic healing techniques are based on the principle that every person can achieve an optimal state of being, a state in which they are in tune with themselves AND their environment. Reaching this state, however, can be complicated by a variety of factors including heredity, upbringing, lifestyle, diet, traumas as well as prenatal problems.

Holistic healing has the capacity to help dissolve energy blocks arising from these and other conditions so that life can be experienced to the fullest. This article discusses the fundamentals of energy and how our relationship with it impacts us on every level.


The New Paradigm: From Matter to Energy

The topic of holistic healing and its techniques are often met with skepticism. Some of its methods are elusive because they require the practitioner to have faith in the process – and many of us are simply unaccustomed to ‘consciously’ working with energy.

For those who are unfamiliar with its history, holistic healing can be dated back 5000 years and has been present in many forms and practiced by many societies. Although energy work has been part of the healing arts for millennia, with the introduction of the scientific method in the late 16th century, anything that could not be proven empirically (including the human energy field) was met with suspicion.

Sir Isaac Newton, the era’s leading exponent of scientific thought, had broken all things down to mechanistic systems – in the Newtonian worldview, the universe was a physical machine operating on mechanical principles. Consequently, science used reductionism (the process of taking things apart and studying their individual parts) to understand how things worked.

Because it was so pervasive amongst the thinkers of the day, reductionism was applied to everything including the treatment of physical, mental and emotional ailments – the human body was reduced to a purely mechanical system. If the body wasn’t functioning properly, it was concluded that something was “broken” and needed either repairing or replacing.

Research into quantum physics (the study of atomic and subatomic particles) is now revealing that the universe is not made up of matter, but of energy. As scientists dig deeper into the building blocks of the material universe (molecules, atoms, quarks, etc…) they are confronted with a mystifying energy that goes beyond matter.

This energy composes a vast inter-connected field responsible for holding all things together. What is truly mystifying is that it seems to be governed by principles that defy logic – scientists are only now starting to grasp the meaning of findings in this field. However, because of this paradigm-shifting focus from matter to energy, holistic healing methods are now regaining credibility, even within the scientific community.


The Universal Energy Field

Throughout the ages wise men have described the existence of an energy field that permeated everything; ancient sanskrit manuscripts call it Prana or life force while in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is referred to as Chi.

Quantum Physicists use the term Quantum Field to describe this exact same phenomenon – for convenience I will simply refer to it as the universal energy field.


Layers of Conscious Vibrating Energy

To begin understanding the connection between the universal energy field and how we think, feel and behave, it’s important to first recognize that everything in the universe is connected. In every way, shape and form, all actions – including thoughts and feelings – have a measurable impact on our reality.

A dualistic view of existence – the ego vs the outside world – becomes irrelevant in light of total interconnectedness. One particularly fascinating aspect of the universal energy field, something that brings the concept into full circle with human beings, is that it exhibits certain characteristics that can clearly be traced to consciousness.

Many experiments conducted over the last 50 years reveal that a broad web of energy-consciousness is responding to everyone’s thoughts and feelings – a phenomenon suggesting that we are all quite literally in the process of creating our own reality.

Holistic healing begins with the knowledge that each individual is subject to this phenomenon and ultimately has control over it. This is because within the interconnected, universal energy field, we all have the power to determine the type of energy we project into it. We’ve all experienced a time when we were pleased to discover that our confident effort towards a positive outcome actually paid off – in most cases, projecting positive energy produces positive results in an interconnected reality.

This boomerang effect has a profound impact on the quality of life we lead because it governs how everything materializes around us. To reach equilibrium within this complex system, we must acknowledge and respect the multiple layers in which universal energy exists.

Although full awareness of this phenomenon is yet to gain widespread acceptance, we can see an emerging tendency suggesting that this will eventually be the case.

Energy is slowly gaining traction as a source of not only physical power but also emotional and intellectual strength – our self-awareness being the launch point for mankind’s creation of his reality.

While the traditional view of consciousness limits self-awareness to humans and a couple species of higher primates, it now appears that everything in our universe is part of an inter-connected web of consciousness composed of multiple layers.

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