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Holistic Healing 101


 Part 2: Energy Layers


Each layer within the universal energy field vibrates at a different frequency. Higher frequencies have the most fluidity, a characteristic that gives them greater power and creative potential. The lower frequencies are denser and more rigid. For example, all material things or physical matter are part of a lower vibrational field called the material layer.


The Material Layer

Physical objects are the densest of all energetic matter. However, just because solid objects appear to be static, doesn’t mean that they all occupy the same vibrational level. Within the lower vibrational field, every object resonates at its own frequency. For instance, an apple has a different vibrational frequency than a piece of steak and a wooden chair has a different frequency than a chair made of metal.

The vibrational possibilities are infinite because they are based on molecular structures and energetic properties specific to each individual object.

The material layer can be seen as the end point where energy manifests in the physical plane – but what governs the manifestation and behavior of physical objects? Look no further than your own thoughts and feelings. Even though they are not material in composition, these frequencies have the ability to manifest in physical reality if we give them enough attention.

Consequently, the things that receive most of our focus and mental/emotional attention are the exact things that are in the process of becoming a reality.


The Emotional Layer

The second layer has a slightly higher vibrational frequency than the lower, material layer and governs the emotional aspect of our existence. Even though this emotional energy is invisible to the naked eye, we all sense its presence. For example, when a loved one uses negative language when talking to us, we may not see their words’ energy, but we physically feel them as they “hit” our personal energy field.

Just as objects have different frequencies in the material layer, there’s an almost endless variety of emotional frequencies in the second layer. As one would expect, the emotional layer is less dense and therefore more flexible than the material layer. Since this layer resonates on a higher level, its energy is easier to manipulate and adjust.

The natural plasticity of emotional energy gives us the power to use it to encourage a positive effect on our reality. As Dr. Hawkins explains in his book “Power vs. Force”, various emotions vibrate on different levels – grief, guilt and shame, for example, have a lower vibrational energy than love, acceptance and courage. The lower their frequency the lower their creative power.


The Mental Layer

The third layer, occupying an even higher rung on the vibrational energy ladder, is the domain of mental energy. It governs thought processes, beliefs and ideas. The creative capacity of this layer is even higher than the others. This layer is again more flexible than the previous one. As all of us know, we can change our mind almost instantaneously.

The choice to keep our attention fixed on an idea for long enough, however, has the power to manifest it into reality – this is where we encounter the bridge between the physical and the higher spiritual energetic layers.

A popular demonstration of thought’s energetic power can be found in the work of Dr. Emoto. He asked people to project both positive and negative messages like “I hate you” and “I love you” onto water and then photographed the results. Love-filled messages created the most beautiful patterns while negative messages created incoherent, messy structures.

Thoughts, beliefs and words have a strong creative power. Being kind with our words and thoughts is therefore a great way to start clearing ourselves and our environment of negative energy.


And Beyond…The Spiritual Layers

Beyond the mental layers we enter the world of spirit. This is where we can tap into our intuition. The higher we move up the ‘universal-frequency-ladder’, the more flexible and powerful the layers become.

Aligning ourselves with our soul’s true purpose by tuning into the universal energy field allows us to diffuse the dualistic, ego-related issues that can slow us down, create conflict and make us ill.

Find out how your Energy System interacts with the Universal Energy Field.

Holistic healing taps into the higher energy fields, helping us transcend negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs and raise our personal vibration. Manifesting a creative, more productive reality becomes much easier when we consistently engage in emotions and thoughts that have a higher vibrational energy – this is where we gain the ability to instantaneously manifest our desires.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought… the mind is everything. What you think, you become!


Messages From the Soul

This being said, I believe that we have to be wise in the way we observe and manage our emotions. I don’t advocate suppressing emotions or forcing yourself to think ‘happy thoughts’. Lower vibrational energies like fear, anger, guilt and grief are soulful clues identifying the fact that something inside us requires attention.

These feelings are energy blockages. They prevent us from creating a life that reflects our true nature. Energy blocks are tenacious reminders that something is not right – by design, they demand resolution before we can move on. If they’re not resolved, they will continue to limit our progress.

Identifying these energy blockages can be a challenge since we can easily deny or suppress our deepest problems. Certain holistic healing techniques teach us to observe our experiences in a mindful and non-judgmental way – this helps us to identify and overcome problems created by these lower energetic threats.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity!”
Albert Einstein

Holistic healing techniques broaden our awareness of the universal energy field while teaching us to understand what our soul truly needs. In fact, it is during the most challenging life experiences that we are given the opportunity to confront our inner selves and make the greatest progress.


Holistic Healing 101 Part 3: The Basic Principles

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