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Holistic Healing 101


Part 3: The Basic Principles


1. Tune Into Your Favorite Channel!

Every wonder what frequency you’re ‘tuned’ into? The underlying factor responsible for synching us up with our environment is something called sympathetic resonance.

It’s an important feature of the universal energy field that influences how and why we attract people, objects, ideas, and insights (anything really) that vibrate at the same energetic frequency as we do. Simply put, the law of sympathetic resonance dictates that if our energy is tuned into a positive and high vibrational frequency that we will, in turn, encourage more positive experiences in our reality.

In essence, we perceive the reality we are tuned into – a rather challenging and complex concept even to quantum physicists. Think of it like tuning a radio to your favorite channel. All the other radio frequencies are present in the ether, but you can’t hear them because your radio is not tuned into them. This is why many people will perceive the same event in different ways.

Some people have their radio tuned to sad or angry channels while others choose to listen to happy tunes – in other words, some people see clouds while others see silver linings. The idea behind us tuning into the reality we desire is nothing new.

Many people are familiar with “The Secret,” a documentary styled film where the phenomenon of sympathetic resonance is called ‘The law of attraction’. Although this concept is well founded, some people are trying to “attract” things that may not be aligned with their soul’s true purpose.

For instance, our society has conditioned people to equate happiness with material wealth. In the energetic view of reality, however, a truly joyful life is defined by the unique composite of the individual, their journey and their energetic nature – happiness is not the result of a commercially imposed expectation.

Remember, each of us has a unique purpose. The best way to tune into it is to invest the energy towards total awareness of what truly makes us happy. Energy behaves in a free-flowing, organic way. Regardless of the type of reality we are attempting to create, becoming obsessed with the end-result may cause us to subvert the magical nature of working with it.

If we consistently bump into resistance while trying to manifest something, we are likely putting effort into something that is simply not in our best interest. Alternatively, if we dig deeper, we may discover an energy block – like a fear or a faulty belief – that we must overcome.


2. Keep Evolving…

Another crucial aspect of the universal energy field is that its flow is naturally progressive – it is constantly moving forward. For whatever reason, it is designed to proceed, evolve and move beyond its current state.

As we are part of this field, we are forced to evolve continuously alongside it. We quite simply can’t remain stagnant. When we fight this natural current, we find ourselves getting stuck. If we refuse to adapt to the magic of the current, life becomes much harder then it really needs to be.

Although it may sound like a cliche, to heal ourselves we must genuinely move beyond our current state and ‘go with the flow.’ To understand this we must observe life’s ‘movement’ in the broadest sense of the word. With movement, the body experiences a kind of healing effect; we must also move our thoughts and feelings by transcending old ideas and negative beliefs.

Rigid thoughts or frozen feelings create dense energy in our system and stop the natural energy flow – holding onto lower vibrational energy contradicts the universe’s progressive movement and prohibits us from finding balance.

Movement, on the other hand, creates space and facilitates an influx of new and fresh energy. With fresh energy moving through our system, we can heal old emotional wounds and solve problems more easily. The more movement and “breathing space” we create within our body and mind, the more we unify with the universal energy field and the easier life becomes.

This is where holistic healing techniques, some of which have been taught by sages throughout history, become very helpful. Holistic healing techniques are meant to cleanse the body and mind of the dense, rigid energy preventing us from reaching an optimal state of being.


3. Follow the Wave Patterns

As we familiarize ourselves with the basics of holistic healing, we must also learn the importance of wave patterns in the universal energy field. These patterns can be clearly seen in nature – the gradual progression of the seasons from winter, spring, summer to fall, for example, exhibits how nature’s energy flows wave-like through time and space.

With the material pursuits and urbanization of most societies throughout the world, it is becoming easy to forget that we are still an integral part of nature and its natural flow. Just like the seasons, we are deeply affected by nature’s energy waves regardless if we’re living in an urban metropolis or a log cabin in the woods.

Wave patterns manifest themselves in a variety of ways. For instance, they can be seen in the ebb and flow of daily life as periods of great excitement, change and growth followed by periods of contemplation and restoration.

Experiencing life’s waves means accepting the peaks and valleys that accompany them – it’s one thing to recognize and appreciate the ups in life, but accepting the downs as part of the natural flow can prove difficult. It may require us to slow down.

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with Spring.”
George Santayana

We often resist this more contemplative state because we want to continue at our usual fast pace. If things generally aren’t working out for us, it may be time to take a step back and observe the situation.

Slowing down to take stock of what’s happening will allow us to more easily identify sources of potential resistance and deal with them rather than ignore them in favor of another quick fix – like running to the shopping mall or typing up another blog post;)

In order to find balance and heal ourselves, it’s important that we make the conscious decision to synchronize with the energy wave we’re in.


Holistic Healing, In Sync With Nature

We’ve all heard Eastern metaphors highlighting nature’s ability to adapt within a dynamic, energetic environment – tall grass doesn’t break in the wind because it bends and the vine continues to grow because it navigates itself around obstacles. Nature learns and adapts in order to move on.

It is able to evolve because it instinctively operates in relation to the universal energy field. And so can we, if we allow ourselves to relax and return to our natural essence. This is where holistic healing methods can help in a multitude of ways. These practices have the ability to raise our energetic frequency and, as a consequence, our level of consciousness.

As we transcend ego by taking pause and observing life without judgement we can better understand the unique, inner-workings of our soul. In opposition to the confusion and clutter of modern life, holistic healing helps us create space for ourselves. Within this space lies the all important opening to do things differently. What we find in this space is the opportunity to create change.

Those who have embraced these methods have found that the more they practice these principles, the more they become one with the universal energy field. When we allow ourselves to become caught in its current and get energized by its waves, it eventually places us at the very center of the flow of life.

When this occurs, each and every level of our personal energy field starts to resonate harmoniously with the universal energy field – we become One with everything. In a nutshell, this is what holistic healing is all about. It is the positive integration of every aspect of our soul where we find a way to become whole, complete and One with All.


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