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Holistic Healing 101
Holistic Healing 101 Part 2: The Basic Energy Layers
Holistic Healing 101 Part 3: The Basic Energy Principles

What is ADHD?
ADHD symptoms
Definition of ADHD (DSM+different types of ADHD)
Causes of ADHD
ADHD Comorbidities

ADHD Medication
ADHD Medication side effects

Deeper Causes of ADHD
Does Yin Deficiency cause ADHD Symptoms?
Why we need to connect to the Earth (Lower Chakras)
ADHD and Vata Imbalance

ADHD Brain
Impaired executive functioning of the frontal lobe
Left- and right brain functioning
Neurotransmitters and ADHD
Alpha Brain Waves
Theta Brain Waves
Beta Brain Waves


Slow Down to Speed Up
Part 1: Mindfulness – The Basic Concept
Part 2: Mindful Meditation
Part 3: Mindful Living
More on Meditation: benefits, roadblocks, preparation, tips…
Grounding Techniques

Brainwave Entrainment for ADHD
What is it and does it work?
Brainwave Entrainment Benefits and Tips

Setting Goals and Getting Organized
ADHD Pitfalls 1 : Getting Lost in Ideas, Plans and What to Do…
ADHD Pitfalls 2 : Thought Patterns That Keep You Stuck
ADHD Pitfalls 3 : Typical ADHD Annoyances
How to Set and Accomplish Your Long Term Goals
How to Tackle the Daily Grind
How to Make a To-Do List You Will Finish
How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done
Excellent Tips to Minimize Frustration and Time Wasting

ADHD diet
1. Minimize Digestive Stress Part 1 – Part 2
2. Go for Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods
3. Mind your Acid-Alkaline Balance
4. Eat High Quality Proteins
5. Include Healthy Carbs
6. Provide your Body with Essential Fats
7. Stabilize your Insulin Levels
8. Eliminate Cravings
9. Change unhealthy Eating Habits


Indigo characteristics

Chakra Basics
More on Chakras and ADHD (The Lower Chakras)
The Upper chakras

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